Inula Athlete foot
    100% herbal product no preservatives no emulsifiers no anti oxidants
    The only ingredients are Inula viscosa extract in vegetable oil
    Clinically tested  highly effective, athletes foot itching and redness is reported to subsides in
    3 days

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    About Inula Athlete Foot
    Athlete's foot (Tiena pedis) is a common skin disorder caused by fungus,
    usually occurring between the toes. The fungus most commonly attacks
    the feet because shoes create a warm, dark, and humid environment,
    which encourages fungus growth; Fungicidal and fungistatic chemicals
    usually treat it.

    Inula Athlete foot is a viable natural herbal alternative to  fungistatic
    chemicals, the active is a natural oleoresin extract of the medicinal plant
    Inula viscosa.
    Inula Athlete foot demonstrated high efficacy in clinical trials, reporting
    that redness itching and stinging flaking, discoloration, burning and
    discomfort caused by Athlete foot subsided in 3 days and disappeared in
    the ninth day.