Summary of Avisco's Inula viscosa oleoresins
    Bio activity & leading uses

  •    Anti inflammatory activity
  •    Topical treatment for Osteoarthritis, clinically tested high efficacy
  •    Topical treatment for Athlete foot, clinically tested high efficacy

  •   Topical analgesic (pain relief) clinically tested high efficacy
  •    Preservative & anti-oxidant activity
  •    Broad spectrum growth inhibitor of fungus, bacteria, yeast,  mold & mildew

  •    Skin micro vascular stimulant - rejuvenates skin by enhanced blood flow
  •    Anti melanoma (skin cancer) activity
  •    High efficacy head lice control activity

  •    Insect bites treatment and insect repellent
  •    Preservative & anti aging agent for skin care preparations and food preservation
  •    Environmentally friendly high efficacy marine anti fouling activity

       Non toxic, non volatile, non corrosive

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