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Inula Herbal Tea
Unique,  Organic,  Effective
Inula viscosa select leaves harvested at specific dates of
the year and plant development phase, yielding  
maximum active compounds in the plants' leaves.

Traditional uses of Inula viscosa tea  include respiratory
tract infection, gum disorder, toot ace, anti bacterial and
anti fungal traditional traditional remedies.

Recent research study investigates indications that Inula
viscosa tea consumed four times a day by heart disease
patients helped to strengthen the heart muscle.

Recent Testimonial by a an elderly person who suffered from colen polyps growth, indicates that further growth of colen polyps has been inhibited few months after  consuming Inula tea every morning. (Colen polyps can develop to colen cancer)

    Leading activities of Inula viscosa
  • Anti oxidant
  • Anti bacterial
    Anti Fungi
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Non toxic
  • Traditional treament for respiratory tract infections

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Air dried  leaves of premium Israeli veriety of Inula viscosa, harvested at the right timing when the plant reaches its pick phenologic development - assuring the best bio activity..

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