About Inula viscosa
While hardly known outside its native Mediterranean region and not promoted commercially, the
medicinal plant Inula viscosa has been regarded for thousand of years as one of the most
important medicinal plant in Israel and in its native range around the Mediterranean basin, an
amazing plant  of many medicinal uses.

The medicinal plant
Inula viscosa (Ait.) L. (Compositae), is a sturdy perennial shrub that grows
in the wild around the Mediterranean basin. It is an aromatic plant that disperses a strong smell
of camphor. The leaves and stems of the plant are coated with a sticky resin, from September
through the winter months, the plant blooms with clusters of small yellow flowers, providing one
of the few food sources available to honey bees during winter.

The local Israeli phenotype of
Inula viscosa is considered the most potent in bio-active resin
production,  being located in the most southern latitude of its natural habitat range, it is believed
to possess higher biological activity compared to its European relatives,  In Israel, the species is
exposed to warmer climate, more and longer sunshine exposure days and lack of summer
rainfall that can wash off some of the resin and the longer hot Israeli summer that causes the
plant to secret more defensive resin to fend off attacks from fungi bacteria and insects.

Inula viscosa photo gallery
Sturdy Inula viscosa - braking out through paved asphalt road, photo
taken by Avisco Ltd. July 2007
Lush blooming of Inula viscosa in Israel, photo taken
by Avisco Ltd. Fall 2004
Protective resin secreted from glandular hairs
on the surface  of
Inula viscosa leaves, photo
taken in 2004 by Avisco Ltd.
Cultivation of Inula viscosa  as a standardized crop
by Avisco Ltd. in Israel
2 meters tall  inula viscosa growing in the wild in Israel
Inula viscosa is a tough survivor under extreme arid conditions,  
this photo  was taken by Avisco Ltd.  July 30 2007,  4 months
after last rainfall
Inula viscosa growing in the wild in Israel, photo
taken  by Avisco Ltd. 2004
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