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Bio-activity of Avisco's standardized Inula viscosa oleo-resin extract
  •    Anti-inflammatory
  •    Anti-oxidant agent
  •    Broad spectrum growth inhibitor of fungus & bacteria
  •    Non toxic
  •    Analgesic (pain relief)
  •    Skin micro vascular stimulator - reported to rejuvenate skin blood flow
  •     Reported to reduce and lighten sun and age spots on the skin
  •    Reported reduction of melanoma cell lines
  •    Pest repellent
  •    Herbivore repellent (repels grazing animals)
  •    Preservative (prevents bio decay and oxidation)
  •    Inhibits growth of fouling marine organisms
Inula viscosa extract health benefits
Properties of Inula viscosa oleoresin extract

    Non toxic
    Tested non toxic:
    Acute  Oral              (OECD 423)
    Acute  Dermal          (OECD 404)
    Acute  Eye               (OECD 402 )

    Anti inflammatory
    Tested strong anti-inflammatory through in vivo lab tests,  osteo-arthritis  clinical
    trials. These scientific tests verify what has been known from traditional medicine
    uses of wound healing, ulcer treatment,  traditional treatments of respiratory tract
    infections and arthritis
    Anti-oxidant (anti-aging)
    Avisco's Inula viscosa extract has powerful anti-oxidant activity, equal or better
    than the benchmark  anti-oxidants BHT and quercetin
     Other Inula viscosa studies by Avisco Ltd.
    Broad spectrum growth inhibitor of fungi, bacteria yeast, mould,and mildew, non
    toxic marine anti fouling additive, wood preservation, food preservation.

    Biological activities published in the literature
    Anti-protozoal                     inhibits and repels small organisms
    Anti-dermatophytes            inhibits and subdues skin fungi
    Anthelmintic                        inhibits and repels worms
    Anti melanoma                    inhibits melanoma cell lines
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