Inula viscosa studies by Avisco Ltd.

    Clinical studies

    Anti-oxidant activity of Avisco’s Inula viscosa extract
    Summary of anti-oxidant activity study carried out in comparison to  benchmark anti-oxidants BHT (synthetic)  and quercetin
    (a natural anti-oxidant found in green tea and other herbs)
    The results show Inula viscosa extracts delay of β-Carotene degradation caused by oxidation equal or better than benchmark anti-

    Anti inflammatory activity of Inula viscosa extract
    Aivorex™ is the trade name for Avisco’s extract derived from the leaves of Inula viscosa.
    In order to verify the biological activity of Aivorex™  as an anti-inflammatory agent, a study was conducted
    using the mouse ear edema assay. Verification of the anti-inflammatory properties of Inula viscosa extract was
    provided  from clinical trials on Osteo-arthritis, clearly an inflammatory condition

    The effect of of Aivorex™ topical application at various concentrations in preventing inflammation was measured.
    The data shows that with a concentration as low as 2%, Aivorex™  is sufficient  in reducing inflammation by as much as 60%.

    Preservation performance
    High efficacy anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-yeast activity
    Through Avisco’s proprietary studies,  Aivorex™ Avisco's Inula viscosa extract demonstrated high efficacy as growth inhibitor
    of a broad spectrum of fungi, bacteria, molds, mildews and yeasts at very low concentrations.

    Mode of action Vs decay causing fungi - please inquire

    Chemical constituency and chemical markers
    Each batch of Inula viscosa extract produced by Avisco for use in its formulations is analyzed  to determine that its chemical
    markers are within standardization range.
    Leading chemical markers of Avisco Inula oleoresin extract include 35% tomentosin and sesquiterpenic lactones,
    13.5 % bioflavanoids, 0.5% carotanoids, sterols, saponins and fatty acids


    Routine Chromatography analysis are conducted for quality control
    and standardization of  Avisco’s Inula viscosa extract

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     Toxicity Study results

    Acute Oral Toxicity              LD50     > 2000 mg/kg  rat
    Method     OECD 423
    Not representing an acute toxic risk

    Acute Dermal Toxicity         Primary irritation index 1.1 rabbit    Method   OECD 404
    Not representing an acute toxic risk

    Acute Eye Irritation                 LD50             >2000 mg/kg rabbit
    Method           OECD 402
    May be categorized as non irritant to the eye
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