What is a Standardized Herbal Extract

A standardized herbal extract provides stable and predictable quality, chemical composition
and guarantied uniformity of past present and future extract production batches.

Standardization of herbal extracts entails following a protocol and strict quality control of
cultivation, plant treatment, harvest at a specific development phase of the plant life cycle, post
harvest processing methods and extraction procedures.
Quality control verification of the chemical composition by comparing the chemical markers
and chemical composition of each production batch to a master batch.

The same  plant can yield very different extracts if grown in different habitats, harvested at
different times or extracted under different conditions.

Avisco's Inula viscosa oleo resin extract is standardized and predictable, it is grown
and produced under GMP conditions and strict protocol for all production phases from planting
to growing conditions harvest timing and methods, post harvest processing and quality control
methods developed by Avisco to ensure a uniform and predictable product.
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