Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 4:44 PM
    Subject: Inula viscosa test sample

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate as a test subject for your product.

    I applied the solution nightly to my wrists, hands, and ankles. There is no skin discomfort felt from
    application.   I found the product to be extremely effective in reducing the amount of swelling that
    normally appears in these joints by morning.  

    Without treatment:
    I normally cannot wear my wedding ring before midday, as the swelling usually does not subside
    until then.  Also, when I first wake, I find it painful to bend my ankles and my feet are normally
    swollen, making it difficult to wear shoes.

    With application of your product:
    I am able to wear my ring upon waking and have little discomfort walking.  I am also able to wear
    shoes without tightness as the swelling in my feet is minimal.

    Connie B.
    Selinsgrove, PA 17870
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    Dramatic relief after years of suffering from chronic swelling stiffness and pain
After years of suffering from swelling stiffness pain and limited range of motion, Jerry Koshel, a New York resident, tells the story of
his salvation with Inula viscosa.
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Date : Monday, November 14, 2005

Tel Aviv. Israel -- (ArriveNet - Nov 14, 2005) -- A few months ago my good friend Gabriel Letizia shared with me what I've been
calling, "avocado mudpack", or Inula Viscosa. I have chronic swelling in my left knee from a graft ("knee rebuild") ligament repair and the
severed capillaries that ensued. I was impressed, if not amazed, at how Inula Viscosa shrinks the swelling and makes my knee look
normal for hours after applying for a short time.

I have also, unfortunately, been rear-ended in my car in two separate accidents. The accidents occurred two years apart. The first time
my back and neck were weakened, but the second time I was truly injured. I have been visting the chiropractor regularly for over ten
years. MRI's have shown that my condition has been worsening: discs in my neck and back have been wearing away, and I have formed
bone spurs n my neck. Spasms that cause great pain have over time, come to last longer and be more painful. Below is an e-mail I sent
Gabriel Letizia this morning after an experience I had the preceding night with merciless pain and Inula Viscosa. Yes, last night was the
first time I applied I.V. to my neck. I had always planned to, but did not out of fear that it would not work. In desparation I applied
some last night and it was, in my opinion, miraculous how fast and how effectively I.V. relieved me of my throbbing pain.

When I got in the car and began to turn my neck, etc, to check for cars when merging, etc. I realized yet even more what I.V. had done for
me. A mobility that I had forgotten was possible had returned. I was so happy today being able to go about my work day in a relatively
far greater comfort than I have known since spasms set in a few weeks ago. The Inula Viscosa literally "saved the day". It saved it
instead of letting my usual pain waste it. Jerry Koshel.
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